Review for Dying for Her by Kory Shrum

Dying for Her by Kory Shrum
Dying for Her by Kory Shrum

Dying for her is the third book in the Jesse Sullivan series by Kory Shrum.

I was already impressed by the first two of the series and I wasn’t sure how it could keep pace with the previous two books. I am glad to know not only was I wrong, but it surpassed the previous two books in pacing and raw emotion.

The story is told from the point of view of Brinkley. From his beginnings as a military sniper to the twists and turns of this new phenomenon, Necronites. The fact that he knows exactly when he is going to die just elevates his need to set things as right as he can. Brinkley’s tough and gruff exterior is not for the reasons he would care to admit. Along with his partner and friend he has to find a way to protect Jesse one last time. The story follows both his countdown until his set in stone demise, and the parts of his past that shaped him and the events that sent Jesse’s world headed for this particular shit storm.

A combination of guilt, grit, and affection for the people he is sworn to protect drives him to the only end he could have. He just hopes it will be enough to save them.

The all-access pass into what made him into the toughest boss also fills in the blanks from the first two books. He has no promise that anything he does will save Jesse, but he sure as hell is going to try. Aided by the people he trusts the most, he is forced to fight an un-winnable war. The only guarantee is he knows he won’t make it out of this one alive.

The writing tears at your heartstrings and makes you laugh in the very next passage. I read my copy straight through and it keeps you turning pages until the end.

The series will keep you guessing not only what will happen, but who Jesse can really trust. This series belongs in your library alongside the best that the Urban Fantasy genre has to offer. It is dark and gritty with the worst and best of human nature in conflict. I have to say it is one of my favorites and I cannot wait for the next book.

If the series is new to you, I have some great news. The first book is on Amazon Kindle for free. It is also available through every major store including Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Smashwords along with many others.

If you prefer a physical copy, no problem finding that either through the major retailers.

Kory Shrum is the real deal and hope for the new generation of writers.

CC Ryburn


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